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enhanced lighting



At Costa Entertainment, we can provide you with lighting solutions, lasers, effects, a complete digital sound system, wireless microphones, interactive games, music, event coordination, itineraries, and follow up consultations. Our commitment is to customer service whereby someone is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. This is the Costa Entertainment experience and our promise to all of our valued clients. 

Intelligent Lighting

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Intelligent Lights on Columns (Lit).png
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Intelligent lights are a multifunctional, moving light system, that provides remarkable, high-tech lighting for the dance floor. They can be used for your spotlights, ambient lighting and dance lighting as well. Not only will we illuminate your dance floor, we will also program and customize the intelligent lights to create a number of complex and energetic patterns in keeping with the theme of your event. Our intelligent lights are securely positioned on a truss system that can be placed on both sides of the stage or the DJ booth. Each support is then accented with soft draping to create an elegant look that resembles a column. These columns can be uplit with LED solutions and may be used to compliment your décor.

Intelligent Lighting Demonstration

Semi-Intelligent Lighting Demonstration

Costa Entertainment electrifies the dance floor with vibrant lighting including the Revo's enhanced LED and Sound active lighting.
Create a sense of long-lasting elegance with a classic starball LED effect.

DJ Media Booth

DJ Media Booth.JPG

The newest multimedia option to feature your perfect moments! Inquire about the DJ Media Booth that can showcase personalized monograms, slideshow presentations, live eye connections, same-day edits, branding, video mixing and so much more.

Contact Costa Entertainment to learn more and explore the many personalized options that are available to you!

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